Military Veterans

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                                Continue to serve at Phoebe

                                You have served your nation with honor. Phoebe invites you to continue your service in a role with our family.

                                Phoebe is the proud home of veterans from all branches of the service. Our employee-led affinity group Military Veterans of Phoebe (MVP) offers an opportunity for our veteran employees to connect and engage with other veterans in the Phoebe family.

                                Veteran Hiring

                                We are committed to providing a positive work experience for our veteran employee population. The Phoebe Veteran Advisory Board provides advice and counsel to Phoebe business leaders on issues impacting current and future veteran employees. 

                                Additional responsibilities of the Board include:

                                • Serve as an internal resource that represents the veteran viewpoint for Phoebe to obtain feedback related to new employee initiatives.
                                • Advise if changes are needed in recruiting policies and procedures as they pertain to veterans.
                                • Serve as mentors to other veterans newly employed with Phoebe.
                                • Assist in interpreting or translating military experience or skills and abilities to comparable Phoebe positions.

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