COVID-19 & Beyond: Getting You Back To The Care You Need

                                In recent months, many of us have put healthcare on hold – surgeries, treatments, testing, therapies. As we were in the thick of the COVID-19 fight, these were all services we had to delay. Now, we’re re-opening medically necessary services so we can get our patients the care they need. To ensure we can deliver that care safely, we’ve been going above and beyond CDC guidelines, deep cleaning every facility and introducing new safety procedures and protocols. We’re doing everything possible to make sure we’re ready to help patients get the care they need, with more services coming back on-line every day.

                                To see if the services you need are back up and running and to learn new appointment protocols, click ‘How To Schedule Appointment’ below. You can also read our updated COVID-19 Patient Safety FAQs and get more details on our deep cleaning efforts.



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