Orthopaedic Services

                                Treating a Variety of Orthopaedic Needs

                                  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery
                                  Pelvic trauma
                                  Shoulder, hip & knee arthroscopy
                                  Fracture care
                                  Shoulder, hip & knee replacements
                                  Knee/Shoulder reconstruction
                                  Shoulder injuries
                                  Orthopaedic trauma injuries
                                  Sports medicine injuries

                                Specialty care in the area of shoulder to fingertip:

                                  Arthritis surgery
                                  Reconstructive hand and  upper extremity surgery
                                  Platelet rich plasma injection
                                  Trauma surgery of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder
                                  Congenital anomalies
                                  Upper limb reconstructive surgery
                                  Microvascular surgery
                                  Wrist and elbow, shoulder replacements
                                  Peripheral nerve surgery

                                Specialty care in the area of sports medicine:

                                  IMPACT-Concussion evaluation and treatment
                                  Ultrasound guided injection
                                  Sports medicine injuries

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