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                                With primary care offices across the region, it’s easy to find a Phoebe physician near you.


                                Phoebe Family Medicine Residency
                                2336 Dawson Rd.
                                Phone: 229.312.8800
                                Tiera Barron, MD
                                Peggy Bergrab, MD
                                Gurinder Doad, MD
                                Shaun Franklin, MD
                                William P. Fricks Jr, MD
                                Chinwe Ukaonu, MD
                                901 N. Madison St.
                                Phone: 229.312.7750
                                Derek J. Heard, MD
                                Monisola Sanusi, MD
                                Layne Copeland, NP-C
                                2201 Dawson Rd.
                                Phone: 229.312.7780
                                Derrick Taylor, MD
                                Ozell Williams, PA-C
                                2709 Meredyth Dr., Suite 330
                                Phone: 229.312.9651
                                Ralf Augenstein, MD (Internal Medicine)
                                Hanna Lin, MD (Internal Medicine)
                                Temitope Olarewaju, MD
                                Chad Kishore, MD (Internal Medicine)


                                122 Highway 280 West, Suite A
                                Phone: 229.931.7156
                                Malcom Floyd, MD
                                Bret Law, MD
                                922 E. Jefferson St., Suite A & B
                                Phone: 229.924.2383
                                Michael S. Busman, MD
                                Dwaipayan Choudhury, MD
                                Jill Olek, MD
                                Samantha Montgomery, NP-C

                                BUENA VISTA

                                1009 GA Hwy 41 North
                                Phone: 229.649.2273
                                Jontu Solomon, MD
                                Sarah Tanner, FNP-C


                                725 US Highway 19 South
                                Phone: 229.336.5208
                                Cindy Drury, MD
                                David Drury, MD
                                Barbara Kupka-Smith, DO
                                Anozie Tony Ukaonu, MD
                                Kristina Abt, FNP-C


                                Randolph Medical Associates
                                125 McDonald Avenue
                                Phone: 229.732.2156
                                Emmanuel Ozimba, MD

                                LEE COUNTY

                                1390 US Highway 19 North
                                Phone: 229.312.7490
                                Meredith Koomson, MD
                                Patrina Lockette, MD
                                Lance Gregory, NP


                                1014 W. Franklin St.
                                Phone: 229.776.2965
                                Edward Bass, MD
                                Miguel Carmona, MD
                                Tamara Sealy, MD
                                Melinda Reed, NP-C
                                Lisa Frazier, FNP-C
                                Tim Hardie, FNP-BC

                                PHOEBE SUMTER

                                Ellaville Clinic
                                339 Broad St.
                                Phone: 229.937.5321
                                Kate Albritton, FNP
                                Jenny Hatcher, FNP
                                Angelita Quiroz, NP-C

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